Moroccan rug is one of the most elegant and refined rugs in the world. Moroccan rugs have won an army of admirers all over the world, none more so than pieces from the looms of the many rug-making artisans in the rural regions of Morocco. Whether authentic hand-woven vintage works of art or modern versions using centuries-old weaving techniques, these rugs are rich and luxurious enhancements for practically every decor style. Let these beautiful examples inspire you to weave a touch of Moroccan magic into your home.

The history and stories contained in Moroccan rugs are as complex as their weaves and patterns. Knowing a little about their background will immeasurably enhance enjoyment of their beauty. To set you on the road to Morocco, here are some terms you may see as you hunt down that perfect rug.

This bohemian rug area will sublimate any interior for a unique original design. Moroccan rugs are both decorative and functional. Their high and soft wool provides an immediate feeling of well-being. Your guests will spend wonderful moments on these beloved Berber rugs that they will love and compliment.

In most cases, carpets decorate bedrooms or living rooms. There is a different type of carpets with short wool like kilim rug or high wool like Beni Ourain rug, each style of rug comes from different Berber regions of Morocco, (Atlas, Taznakht, Sahara, Azilal …) which each of them will bring a very particular touch of originality to your decor.


The Beni Ourain rugs are a confederation of nomadic Amazigh tribes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Their rugs are made from the superior quality curly wool from their sheep and goat herds, mostly left undyed. One of the most recognisable and sought-after rugs today, the iconic pattern consists of irregular black or brown linked diamonds and abstract symbols on a thick-pile white or ivory background.

This Moroccan carpet is handwoven by Women HandCrafted of Morocco. Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs are famous for their black and white traditional design. This style comes from the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, and is not only made as a practical warm rug, but also as a decorative rug for celebrations. This simple plush rug can add warmth and a traditional Moroccan feel to any room.

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs is the most comfortable rugs that you can find on the market. Traditional Beni Ourain rugs are made by the Beni Ourain tribes in Morocco’s Atlas mountains. They feature abstract linear patterns, typically in dark brown or black on a white field (but there are exceptions, like this blue on white example).

Beni Ourain carpets are loomed by hand, so each rug is unique. Each one has a slightly different colour, pattern and shape, making this a wonderful way to personalise your home — even if these rugs are trendy, no one will have one quite like yours.

If you are that person, who appreciates the natural world, then the Beni Ourain rug is the best choice.

What a pleasure to put your feet on this Moroccan shag rug in the morning after waking up.

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Why Choose A Beni Ourain?

Because you want a rug with a story. Because you love to go barefoot around the house and sit on the floor on big squashy cushions. Because you like a rug not overloaded with colour and pattern, that makes a strong statement in a smooth-textured, streamlined modern space. Because you are prepared to invest in a rug that will last a lifetime.


Kilim rug or Berber rug, often from the Taznakht regions, are rugs with a strong character. In a more bohemian chic spirit, these flat woven carpets with geometric patterns are easily stackable and can be mixed in different formats and colours, like a patchwork. Indeed, these rugs, also called Hanbal, raise a style and modernize the ethnic touch in a neutral and white room. Kilim isn’t the name of a tribal group, but a weaving technique. These rugs emanate from a vast geographic area and use a tight flat-weave method that sharpens and enhances the design. Many Amazigh tribes produce kilim items, such as blankets and grain bags, that are being used in modern homes as rugs. Styles and symbols differ widely, from intricate to more orderly, like this boldly striped piece.

Why Choose A Kilim?

Because you are a minimalist, but need one glorious patterned piece to pep up a room. Because you can’t be bothered with dirt-trapping pile rugs and like to give a rug an occasional shake out. Because you want a lightweight rug that can be moved to other rooms at a whim. Because there’s a kilim for every budget.


The Boucherouite rugs are traditionally made from a mix of thousands of scraps of used materials such as wool, cotton and even lurex. The stunning mixture of materials adds to the unique texture and design of these colorful pieces of modern art. Since the 90’s these rugs have become popular and can add character to any home.

Boucherouite rugs are vivid and playful, each one unique. Sometimes called Beni Ourain’s lively little sister, they are rag rugs on steroids. The weaving techniques are traditional, but the results are free-wheeling and spontaneous, with zigzags and geometric shapes thrown together at the weaver’s whim. With no earth tones, like the more sober Beni Ourains, some find them garish. Others adore them for their honesty and dynamism – in a light-filled white room, they positively glow. They are hard-wearing and some even claim to be machine-washable.

Why Choose A Boucherouite?

Because these rugs tell the story of a changing culture. Because you have a bohemian soul and revel in clashing colours, and because you love the idea of rubbish being recycled and becoming an object of beauty and character. Because your home is a place where fun takes precedence over elegance.

Azilal Rug

These are woven in the Azilal province in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. They combine the freestyle zaniness of Boucherouites and the restrained dark grid of Beni Ourain, often with a natural wool background throwing bright colours, motifs and diamond lozenge shapes into relief. Natural dyes from saffron, henna, indigo, wild mint and pomegranates lend these rugs their vibrancy. They display the intuitive artistry that permeates tribal Moroccan rugs and with their modern aesthetic, make superb wall art.

Why Choose An Azilal?

Because you love pure wool underfoot. Because, although you love colour, you’re not quite sure about a full-on Boucherouite in all its riotous glory. Because your hard-industrial decor could do with something soft and less serious. Because the quirky, wonky shapes remind you of kids’ crayon art and make you smile.


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