Beni Ourain Rug Cleaning Instructions

For many of us with a good taste and an eye for details, investing in a good quality rug is a must for a good-looking interior design.

They make us feel cozy and at home adding colour and an exotic touch to our rooms. A Beni Ourain rug provides a soft place for family time playing games and watching movies at the fireplace.

In order to make them last for years, knowing about their maintenance is essential.

Cleaning a rug in morocco is simple; shake it, wash it with some soapy water on your terrace and let it dry in the heat of the sun. – Effective for centuries!

So the good old-fashioned idea of airing a rug might be great if you live nearby a river or a stream. But if you don’t have this facility and the sun is not always shining, you can follow our easy cleaning instructions for your Moroccan carpet listed below:


*Air your rug regularly outside. Shake it in order to get rid of dust and dirt. If you cannot hang it anywhere, make sure to vacuum it with suction instead.

*Prevent spills to become stains by immediately cleaning them up using baking soda. In case you missed cleaning up a stain, you can clean it with mixing water and vinegar.

*If the Beni Ourain rug is small enough to fit into your bathtub it might be a good idea to wash and rinse it by yourself. But for a larger piece we recommend hiring a specialist carpet cleaner once in a while since it can be very hard and heavy to wash at home.


*Do not use any strongly chemical detergents or bleaching products. They can damage the material.

*Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar or rotating brushes on it since it can cause fuzzing, tearing and shredding.

*Try not to use hot water, as it may fade the colour of the wool.