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Morocco: And A Fall Tale Of Color And Moroccan Rugs
In Morocco, it’s all about red. Of course orange and yellow feature prominently too, along with rosy pink and a splash of violet. But why? Why red? Why yellow?

Because it’s not just about beauty in Morocco, it’s about meaning. The colours have purpose and meaning and are used as such. And red…..well, red is the colour of sensuality, the colour of fertility, and the colour of happiness. Oh my. Add in the yellow and orange, representing the sun and spiritual wealth and you have……the colors of Fall. A time when we need those symbols and meanings. Yes? Especially as we head into winter.

And so I give you a Moroccan rug. Or two Moroccan rugs. Or perhaps three. (Did I mention four?). Filled with the colors of Fall and all that they mean. A reminder of beauty and so much more.

Moroccan rugs around the pool at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh Morocco

  • Jan 01, 2021
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