Kilim rug or Berber rug, often from the Taznakht regions, are rugs with a strong character. In a more bohemian chic spirit, these flat woven carpets with geometric patterns are easily stackable and can be mixed in different formats and colours, like a patchwork. Indeed, these rugs, also called Hanbal, raise a style and modernize the ethnic touch in a neutral and white room. Kilim isn’t the name of a tribal group, but a weaving technique. These rugs emanate from a vast geographic area and use a tight flat-weave method that sharpens and enhances the design. Many Amazigh tribes produce kilim items, such as blankets and grain bags, that are being used in modern homes as rugs. Styles and symbols differ widely, from intricate to more orderly, like this boldly striped piece.

Flatweaves & Kilims

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